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How To Enjoy Your Trip When The Odds Aren't In Your Favour

August 11, 2018




Last week, I managed to squeeze in a day trip in London, England. Taking the train into the city, my boyfriend and I stopped at the London Euston terminal. It didn't take long to discover that the vibe of this trip was already quite different from most of our other excursions. Upon arrival, I felt absolutely exhausted from the long work week and all the traveling the day before.  As we started our day, we realized that everything natural was gonna to be pretty much dead, due to the hot weather and lack of rain. A large majority of the famous sights were under construction, not to mention the crzy great temperatures that we were experiencing. All of this was mixed in with the fact that my boyfriend despises the city, and very quickly, we remarked that the odds of having an enjoyable trip were stacked up against us. This being said, by the end of the day, we had some nice moments and were glad to have taken the trip together.

I'm thinking that you too, have probably experienced a trip with similar vibes, where either nothing seems to be going right, or all your plans seem to be going down the drain. I want to encourage you, because even when that does happen, there are many ways to take a trip like that, and turn it into something you can enjoy and look back on with good memories. Here are your tips for what you can do to improve your less than ideal vacation.

1. Take photos.

Find the things or moments during your trip that you do enjoy and take photos of them. This will allow you to have good memories to look back on, after your vacation is over. Often in hindsight, things seem a lot better than what you experienced at the time, and by doing this, you should look back on those photos in a much more positive light.

2. Set goals but not expectations.

By all means, plan for things that you'd like to do or see on your trip, but have the flexibility to accept that you may not manage to see or do everything that you hoped for. Don't expect to experience a certain feeling, as that almost always leads to a certain level of disappointment. Put a plan in place, but take things as they come, setting few expectations in place.

3. Be aware that there may be hiccups.

If you can keep in mind that things will rarely go exactly as imagined, you will deal with things a lot more easily when they don't go quite as planned. A flawless trip is next to impossible, so don't plan for a perfect one, but rather a great one.

4. Appreciate the little things.

When nothing seems to be going right, redirect your focus onto the little things - the colours in the flowers, the wind on a hot day, the details of the buildings, turning something normal into something fun. Sometimes it's these seemingly insignificant things which turn into the best best memories. One of my favourite parts of London was splashing each other with the water from the fountain - on a hot summer day, there is nothing better than that!




5. Be happy with the things that you can do verses what you can't.

6. Try to see things in a positive light.

7. Remember that people are more important than things.

8. Learn to laugh.


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