• Ashley Nicole

50 Things To Do At Home

Life has changed a LOT in the last few months. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, today many people are either unable to work or are working from home. At this point in the UK, we have been in lockdown for 5 weeks with orders to stay at our own properties, with the exception of leaving to shop for essentials and a 1 hour maximum of exercise per day. This shift in societal norms has lent to a lot of extra time spent at home and in many cases, too much extra time on hand.

Finding things to do, day after day can be a challenge. If you feel stuck and need some help for ideas on how to fill your time and get through the day, I write this list for you. Hopefully you can find some useful ideas on things to do while you are stuck at home.

1. Video (or regular) call a friend or family member.

2. Sit outside - in your back yard, in your garage, on your front steps etc.

3. Watch a movie (either on a streaming service or an old favourite you have sitting around).

4. Do a puzzle (if you don't haven one, try to order one in).

5. Learn/perfect an instrument, if you have one sitting around.

6. Read a book.

7. Go for a walk (if your government regulations allow for it).

8. Colour - adult colouring books can be relaxing and may be found in a store (which is already open to sell essentials) or online

9. Start watching a TV show series.

10. Watch a church service. Whether it is something you do regularly or have been curious about, there are currently a lot online and now you have the extra time to check some out.

11. Take a relaxing bath.

12. Recreate old photos with people you are quarantined with.

13. Make a music video.

14. Start/tend to a garden (willing you have one and the weather is good enough).

15. Start on the house "to do list" that you have been putting off.

16. Clean something that needs it.

17. Try baking something new.

18. Watch a concert online - there are many that have put out free YouTube streams recently.

19. Take an online course (many are being offered right now, you just need to find one suited to your interests).

20. Join a Zoom seminar for a topic that you are interested in.

21. Go on one of the virtual tours of a historical or unique place in the country/world that is currently being offered.

22. Play a game (board game, video game etc).

23. Host or attend a large group activity over Zoom - a game, quiz, discussion etc.

24. Write a letter to someone.

25. Find out if any of your favourite celebrities are doing live streams on Instagram, Facebook etc.

26. Learn/pick up an art or craft like knitting, painting, sketching etc.

27. Participate in an online exercise class.

28. Reach out to a good friend that you've lost contact with.

29. Build a fort.

30. Move furniture around in the house/apartment.

31. Organize and tidy up the rooms where you live.

32. Write a journal/reflection entry - sometimes it's good to get your thoughts down on paper or to even have something to look back on later in life.

33. Make a pile of things/clothes that you no longer want, to give to charity later on.

34. Practise some photography (even with just a phone). You have time to be creative and try new styles of photo taking.

35. Try some science experiments - they can be fun to do and there are a lot that you can find online.

36. Online shop for upcoming birthday gifts for loved ones.

37. Find some online brain teasers/escape room games.

38. Look up some travel information and things to do for the next place you would like to go. Travel will happen again one day, so why not start finding great things to do now that you can look forward to doing one day in the future.

39. Help support your local businesses by ordering a take-out meal.

40. Build a model by either ordering a kit online or being creative with what you have sitting around the house.

For when you need some encouragement

41. Pray.

42. Make a gratitude list.

43. Talk to someone you care about and share - be a mutual encouragement.

44. Allow yourself to relax and just think, but don't get stuck in your head or use it as an excuse to worry.

45. Get away from the news.

46. Watch some good comedy routines - YouTube is a great resource for this.

47. Get some fresh air and sunshine if possible.

48. Exercise/stretch/try to get some movement into your life.

49. Put on some upbeat music that you love.

50. Don't be too hard on yourself. Things are challenging right now for a lot of people and it is okay to give yourself a break.

I hope that there is something in this list that is helpful to you. If you can think of any other suggestions that you would like to share with other readers, we would love for you to comment below.

In the mean time, stay safe and share love. This is a difficult time for many, but sharing some extra kindness and love certainly can't hurt.