• Ashley Nicole

Why Instagram is Great for Travel

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I REALLY enjoy using Instagram. There is something so special about being able to record, edit and share your own photos and memories with others.

Beyond using Instagram solely for the purposes of social media, there are so many great reasons to start an Instagram account and to get connected. Beyond that, I believe it's a fantastic application for those who enjoy traveling. Let me share with you why you should consider using Instagram to enhance your travel experiences.

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

One of the most difficult parts about coming home from a trip, is the realization that you will eventually forget so many details of what took place. Some people enjoy writing in a journal or physically documenting what they've done, in order to help preserve these memories, but I know how tricky it can be to remember to do, as well as how time consuming it is. A great way to document these details is to take photos that you can look back on. A simple photo can often bring back loads of memories and feelings from a specific moment in time. Instagram is great because you can use it not only to edit your photos, but once you've posted them, you can easily view them all together in one simple location.

Share With Your Friends and Family

Have you ever had someone close to you with go on a trip, and you just wished you could see what kinds of things they were getting to do? Instagram is perfect for this, because as someone posts their travel photos, friends, family, or anyone else who follows their account, can get a glimpse into what is going on during their holiday. This can be a special treat for those back home and a great way for everyone to feel connected during the time away. It is truly a simple way to share and view photos with those you love.

Finding Unique Locations

Another really great feature that Instagram provides is the ability to tag a location in a photo. Because of this feature, you can look up photos from particular locations that others have tagged. This is a fantastic resource, as it can help you to find cool places to see and great things to do. Under the search option, you can choose between "People," "Tags" and "Places." Under both "Tags" and "Places," you can search specific locations to discover photos that others have taken from that place. Your search can be as broad as the name of a country or as narrow as an individual address. Searching this way can give you great ideas of unique and exciting things to do in that area. Another great way to discover, by using the "Tags" search, is to search a location and subject together, to view photos that people have tagged under that category. Some examples of specific tag searches could be #NewYorkHiking, #GlasgowClimbing or #ParisMusic.


Sometimes it's just too busy to post photos while you're on vacation or you just want to spend time off of social media while you're are away. Honestly, I think that's great! Enjoy living in the moment of the trip! The fun thing about Instagram, is that it can be a great way to look back over photos and relive memories from a trip, after you've arrived home. There is something special about reminiscing over something that took place, while editing a photo of that very moment. Posting photos after the date they were taken has become a popular trend, which is now often followed by the tag #latergram. Sometimes it can be fun to search up other people's latergram posts, as often they are photos that are meaningful enough to someone that they took the time to post later on.


This might sound a bit silly, but Instagram is a unique form of entertainment. It is like social media, in the way that you can get a glimpse into the lives of people that you follow. If you are stuck waiting somewhere for a long period of time, looking at some cool photos on Instagram can be a unique pastime, especially if you are travelling alone. Some Instagram accounts are dedicated to posting inspiration, memes or fun facts, which can also be fun to scroll through. If you decided to spend time scrolling, be sure to watch your battery and data, as unfortunately, Instagram really loves to eat up both of those.

My Instagram Accounts

It's been five years since my first post and today, I now have three different Instagram accounts, each with its own focus. To some that might seem a bit ridiculous, but I see Instagram as a creative outlet and I use each account for a different purpose. I'm gonna share my accounts with you, and feel free to follow any of them that might strike an interest.

Smash_eh This was the first Instagram account. It began as random photos of my life, then eventually transitioned into more of a of nature photography account. It's purpose now is mainly to share beautiful photos of places I've been to and things that I've seen, with the idea of inspiring others, as beautiful photos inspire me.

Instaashh I created this account with the desire to document and share the every day life photos that I knew wouldn't fit in with the style of my first account. My main purpose for this account is to have a place to store photos from my adventures and things that I want to remember. It's silly and fun, but more than anything, it's for me to be able to look back on, while at the same time anyone else is welcome follow and to come along for the ride.

CampCounselorMemes This account is my newest one. It's been running for about two years now. After working in summer camps for years and years, we discovered that a fun way to respond to some of the things that we faced was through satire and memes. This account is for the purpose of making people laugh and being able to relate to some silly camp moments.

What about you? Do you have an Instagram account and what is your favourite way to use it? Do you have any tips that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Happy Instagramming!