• Ashley Nicole

Product Review: Mountain Hardwear Winter Jacket

A few years ago, I purchased my first piece of clothing from Mountain Hardwear: A Woman's Snowbust Trifecta Coat. Having absolutely no prior experience with this company, I talked to a friend who had purchased from them before, and she highly recommended the Mountain Hardwear clothing to me.

Before I go on, you may be wondering, "Why in the world would a travel blogger be giving a review on a a jacket from an outdoor clothing company?" For those of you who have a sense of adventure like I do and enjoy exploring the natural realm during your travels, I want to share with you some of my experiences with my good ol' adventure clothing.

For anyone who has ever visited Mountain Hardwear's store or website, it's no secret that their merchandise can certainly be quite pricey. That being said, there are constantly sales going on, and quite often, shoppers can save themselves hundreds of dollars. This is what originally peaked my interest with Mountain Hardwear and its products.

Mountain Hardwear was started in 1993 (it's as old as I am!) and prides itself in the quality of its products. Its services are catered especially for adventurers who seek quality clothing and equipment, while still providing products for every day use. For 25 years, it has been aiming to provide practical and durable merchandise for a vast variety of outdoor activities from mountain climbing to winter camping, and everything in between.

Woman's Snowbust Trifecta Coat

It was the beginning of a new winter season, when I had the opportunity to receive a 60% discount on Mountain Hardwear merchandise. While checking out their website, I came across a beautiful winter snowbust trifecta coat. After weighing it up, I discovered that the coat would really only cost me a few hundred dollars, which is what one should expect to pay for any other quality winter coat. Making the leap to spend a little bit extra was a no-brainer for me, as I needed a new winter coat and I would be getting a great deal.

I went ahead and made the investment, expecting it to pay off down the road. I was willing to take the chance with something new and trust that it would last me for numerous winters.

What are my thoughts on the jacket as a whole?


I love that my coat comes apart into multiple pieces; it allows me to wear it beyond just winter, as each layer on its own is great for the spring and fall as well! It has quite a few pockets, which are great for storage, and some are even quite deep. (Yes, I have that "female pocket obsession"...) It is designed to be used for outdoor activities, and works marvelously for that. My big "awe" moment was when I wore my coat mountain hiking, over Christmas in Scotland. The fact that it came apart was just perfect, as the weather conditions constantly changed on the mountain, and I could easily take off or add layers from my coat and store them in my hiking backpack. My jacket also worked perfectly for a ski day on the hills. The outer shell does well if it's a bit damp outside, and it takes a while to be affected by rain. Other notable features include the thumb hole cuffs, as well as the snow skirt, attached to the outer layer, that can be used to protect against getting snow down the pants. The final thing I want to mention is its embedded RECCO reflector - that I'm hoping will never need to be used - which would set off a location signal, if I were ever to be stuck in an avalanche. How's that for putting the mind at ease while taking part in mountain activities?


It might be just me, but I really struggle with the hood on this coat. Even with the cord adjustments, it tends to cover my eyes and block my vision for everyday use. Fortunately for me, I am more of a hat person anyways, and am happy to wear it without using the hood. As I mentioned before, Mountain Hardwear's products are designed for outdoor activity, therefore in order for me to truly be warm, my coat seems to work best if I am moving or doing some form of physical activity, as it helps to reinforce my body heat. I have found that if I'm standing around, not doing much, it can often still feel chilly, especially if there is a breeze. Like I mentioned earlier, it takes a while for the coat to actually get wet, but once it does, it often takes at least a day or two to fully dry out.

One more great thing that I wanted to mention was Mountain Hardwear's limited lifetime warranty, which I actually have experience using. Because they stand behind their products, their warranty covers the "practical life of the product". Over a year after purchasing my coat, I had a problem with my zipper and I reached out to them.

It turns out that they are actually connected with the Columbia Sportswear company, and the warranty is done though them. They offered for me to either send them my coat to be inspected/repaired or to send me the zipper parts of my coat (free of charge), and I could have it fixed by a local seamstress, which they would reimburse for up to $35.99. The customer service workers were helpful and kind. In the end, my coat was fixed locally, which thanks to Mountain Hardwear's reimbursement, cost me nothing.

My final thoughts are that if you rarely leave the house, and only need simple outdoor clothing to get from point A to point B, it may not be worth the investment for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy various outdoor activities and are looking for long term, quality products for your adventures, I suggest taking a look into the clothing and equipment offered through Mountain Hardwear, as their products are great crossovers for both your days filled with adventure, as well as your daily trips around town. If you want to be extra smart and economical, wait for a sale, or buy ahead at the end of a season. I think you'll be happy with the results. Check out Mountain Hardwear's current sales here.

Do you have experience with any of their products? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!