• Ashley Nicole

Even in the Dark

What you know to be true in the light holds true, even in the dark.


I'll say it again. What you know to be true in the light holds true, even in the dark.

I've come to the point in my life again, where I'm riding my bike home late at night in the dark, on a regular basis. There is something odd about travelling a known route when it's dark outside and you're all alone. It's almost as if something has changed, while in fact nothing really has. It only looks different.

I'm thankful for the streetlights that I now have to light my way, but I remember in the past when it wasn't always like this. Once it reached a certain time of night, the street lights would turn off and I would be left to ride home in complete darkness.

I remember one night in particular, glancing around, only able to see the slightest outline of the trees that surrounded me. I couldn't see what was ahead, but I knew that I only needed to stick to the path and continue to pedal on, until I finally reached my destination: home.

This overlaying concept strikes me as an analogy for the difficult times that we can experience in life. Sometimes we end up in a place where things seem unclear, the path ahead seems dark and the destination is unseen. When we reach this point, we need to remember this concept: What we know to be true in the light holds true, even in the dark.

Here are some things that we know and can hold tight to, even when life is difficult and the path ahead is challenging to see: We know that God is good - He is unchanging - and we know this is true all the time, not just in our favourable situations. We know that in order to have a fulfilling life, we need to continue moving forward in both our personal and spiritual lives. We must keep pedaling forward and moving ahead, until we reach our end goal. Whether we are amidst life's highs or lows, in the light or in the dark we must continue to choose to walk with God, taking time to read the Bible and speaking with Him. When we start to doubt the good path that we are on, or even consider giving up and turning back to where we came from, it's at times like these, that me must keep faith and continue diligently moving forward, leading us more safely and quickly to our destination.

Let's hold tight to what we know, no matter what bike path of life we may travel on. Be it paved, rocky, dark or light, let us ride with confidence, pedaling onward and forward to what lies ahead.

Have courage my friends, because what we know to be true in the light holds true, even in the dark.