• Ashley Nicole

Don't Make These 5 Embarrassing Mistakes On Vacation

On my most recent visit to Scotland, I seemed to find myself in numerous awkward and unfavourable situations. Some of these were embarrassing for just myself, while with others, unfortunately, I managed to bring a few innocents down with me. In the hopes of bringing you a few chuckles, as well as sparing you your own embarrassment, I want to share with you some of my do's and don'ts for travelling.

Don't: Pee in a thorn bush when you're out hiking - just don't. It doesn't end well, trust me. Do: Go ahead and takes those hikes to random places, the more obscure, the better. There is something incredible about exploring somewhere you haven't been before. If there is a bathroom there, great, if not, peeing in a bush is totally worth it for a great view, but seriously, be sure to check your surroundings before you go - your bum will thank you. For a list of some of the best Europe Treks, click here. Don't: Go shopping by yourself then wander around, trying to decipher which check out you are supposed to use. Do: Go ahead and make a decision with confidence. Many stores have different counters for different types of purchases. If you are confused about where to go, you've got three choices; either watch the people around you to see what they are doing, ask someone or just go ahead and choose somewhere - one way or another, you'll be redirected to where you need to go. And if you REALLY hate shopping in big stores, you can just opt to buy off of Amazon. With one day shipping options, your purchase can arrive almost as quickly as buying it from the store, and sometimes even cheaper!

Don't: Use a swimsuit meant for a relaxing beach day for rigorous swimming and diving - yep, that was awkward. Do: Be aware of what kinds of physical activity you will be doing and bring suitable clothing for it. If you are mountain climbing, wear solid hiking boots, spending time outside in cold weather, bundle up sufficiently, and if you are doing water activities, either adjust your activity level or wear suitable swimwear. For some solid, quality, outdoor clothing, check out Mountain Hardware. Don't: Try on jewelry sizes that could get stuck. (It's super embarrassing to have people wait around for five minutes while you attempt to get a ring off of your finger!) Do: Go ahead and take a shopping day or two. Explore the malls and shops that the city or town has to offer. It's fun to look around as well as it's an interesting way to experience the culture. Who knows, you may find a great gift or souvenir while you're at it. Just make sure that if you do try things on, you can get it off as well!

Don't: Mentally check out when searching for a public bathroom, and enter the wrong one. Do: Get involved in activities and events in the city. There are almost always fun things to do when you are visiting a new place. If you are close to a big city, you are bound to find sporting events, festivals, activity centers, concerts etc. Make sure to pay extra attention when heading to the bathroom, so that you are fully aware of which gender's bathroom you are entering. Sometimes different places change up the pictures or words on the door. Don't be so tired or unfocused that you make your way into the wrong one! For amazing deals on entertainment and events to go to, check out Groupon. There is a different website for each country, so no matter where you are going, you should be able to find something to do at a decent price.