• Ashley Nicole


So...what's my current life state? Well, right now I'm sitting on a plane, I've got no idea of my current location, and I have to wait three more hours to land, so that I can catch my connecting flight to Scotland. No flight entertainment provided, no Wifi, just time to sit, time to think and time to write.

Last night I said my goodbyes and moved out of my home. It's crazy how much stuff you accumulate over two and a half years, but what is even crazier is realizing how much has changed over that time as well; how strangers can turn into close friends, how dreams and goals can either fade away or become a reality and most of all, how life experience can develop each of us into the people that we are today. Life has a way of changing us, as we experience both the smooth and bumpy roads of our day to day lives. It's important, I feel, to take inventory from time to time, to evaluate who we have become and where we hope to be. Have our struggles made us stronger or bitter, our sad times made us vulnerable or impenetrable, our victories made us grateful or have they filled us with arrogant pride? Sometimes when we forget to self reflect, we can slip into reacting to our circumstances instead of making conscious choices about our attitudes and behaviour. I once read a quote that said, "I love who I am because I fought to become her." I don't truly believe that I will ever arrive at the point where I am completely satisfied with who I've become - every day is a constant fight against our selfish nature versus the goal of loving one another - but I sure do embrace the concept of fighting to become our true selves. The whole concept of the word "fight" is that it is a struggle; it takes effort. Becoming who we want to be is not something that will come naturally, but it requires both thought and effort, in order to be successful with this. As another year winds down and a new one is on the horizon, it might be worth pondering, "Who am I today? Where do I want to go and how do I get there?" May we be thoughtful and brave enough to ask ourselves difficult questions such as these. In a world full of "busy," places to be, things to do and that constant buzz of social media dinging from my pocket, I can be thankful for the opportunity to sit on a plane without my attentions being pulled all over the place, and take some time to process. Very soon, I'll be bustling through the airport, attempting to make my connecting flight, but for now, the opportunity just to exhale is very welcomed.