• Ashley Nicole

Christmas in Scotland Awaits

As the weather gets colder, the days get darker and the scent of nutmeg and eggnog becomes more prominent, I am feeling the excitement and anticipation in the air. In only three weeks from now (that's exactly 21 days) I will be on a plane and headed back towards Scotland, for the second time in 4 months. A year ago, the thought that this could even happen would have seemed absurd.

This Christmas, Christmas 2017, will be the first time that I will be spending this beautiful holiday away from my family. I will miss out on our special breakfasts, the winter wonderland, (when the snow actually decides to stick around) our Christmas Eve church service and all of the traditions we have created over the years. As much as I will miss this cherished holiday with my family, I will have a chance to experience it in a new light. I look forward to taking part in another family's traditions, hearing Christmas music against a fresh (and wet) backdrop, attending Christmas events in incredible cities and getting to celebrate this beautiful holiday in a new light.

In the anticipation of this exciting time to come, I am trying to make the best of each day, every moment. As much as I only have 21 days to go, I still have a lot of things to do before I leave. It will be a transition time between finishing up at my job and preparing to move on to new things ahead. I find that I have the tendency to focus on exciting things in the future and to forget to appreciate the moment in which I currently live. Every day is a blessing, every encounter with someone, a chance to uplift and encourage. May we learn to appreciate the moment and be thankful for the big and little things each and every day.

What are some of your favourite Christmas or holiday traditions? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!