• Ashley Nicole

Taking the Risk

A little while back, I received an apology text from one of my roommates. Somehow or other she had accidentally broken one of my nice mugs. I told her not to worry about it; although it was a good one, it was just a material thing and on the scale of importance, it really didn’t matter. When I brought my mugs to our new house originally, I knew there was a high probability that they would eventually break, but I would rather have them be used and potentially broken than for them to have a long shelf life, uselessly sitting in someone else’s house.

After thinking about this the next morning, I was hit with this question: How often do we do that in our own lives? How many times do we sit back on the shelf, afraid to get hurt or damaged by life? Kakorrhaphiophobia, the fear of failure, is found on a list of top fears in society today. Many of us are afraid of getting broken or shattered when we put ourselves in a situation where the outcome is unknown. Contrary to that fear, life tends to be the most exciting when we take risks and step out of our “safe” or “normal” environments. When we make the decision to stay in our place of security, how often do we miss out on opportunities to serve in the lives of others, to try something new or to step out to be used by God, because of the fear of getting shattered by our experiences or by others?

It’s a daily choice, one that we all have to make, but it comes down to this: do I want to let life pass me by or to take a risk, big or small, and allow for the possibility of something incredible to happen? Don’t be afraid to try that new thing, say hello to that stranger, set goals or even just say yes to something God is prompting you to do. It’s all much easier said than done, but maybe, just maybe we can take up courage and live life a little more boldly today.